Deva Agro Co. was founded in 2000. Deva Agro located in Ankara.Company managers, work quality control of pesticides sell in our country and regulatory. Deva Agro Company Family, contributes with agricultural sector since 2000. Deva Agro Co. with the knowledge and experience to serve the agricultural sector.

Deva Agro Company, abroad to cooperate with the industry's leading companies and has been the representative of Turkey. Imported high-quality pesticides and fertilizers, reach to retail reseller by the our territory distributors.

Deva Agro Companies management and the most important elements of the marketing approach; better analyze market needs, imports a quality products, provides a fast service and a brand is to be indispensable for our farmers.

Thanks to In different geographical regions of the country that support the sales of our products, relying on us to industry stakeholder who have partnered.


Grow: We are investing in our business and our products and services we are developing a strategic approach. We are understanding of existing and new business partnership with our clients to working.

Customer Satisfaction: We work with our understanding of industry experience and customer-focused, reliable, effective, efficient service we aim to offer. Without compromising the quality of the products we offer in the sector with the highest level of customer satisfaction aim.

Honesty: We set honesty in all areas of our business as a corporate standard. We, our customers and our industry adhering to the principle of trust and honesty are establishing business relations.

Permanent Cooperation: We are constantly growing, creating long-term business relationship we believe it is possible.To ensure sustinable development of Deva Agro Co. will always paid attention to permanent cooperation.

Passion: We love our industry in Deva Agro. Difficulty getting up from the bottom of the entrepreneurship, creativity and a spirit of adventure and are succeeding.